I came to Noreen with a simple challenge: In the past, I had trouble articulating and asking for what I want. I have always been a goal-oriented person and had no problem creating and realizing what I would call “impersonal” goals for myself – whether it was a sports-related goal (e.g. winning a competition); work-related (e.g. achieving a promotion or title); or life-related (e.g. moving to a new city by X date.) None of those goals, however, were truly personal. None were about asking for what I believe I deserve at a person to person level. Whether that is in personal or professional relationships, I realize now that I didn’t ask for things because I didn’t know or believe my worth.

Noreen has helped me step into space where I now know how to ask for what I need on a personal level and it has changed everything. Difficult relationships – especially those where people had made me feel insecure or doubting of my own value – have become so much easier; when I am clear from the get go on what I need and what I deserve, I simply ask for it knowing the worst anyone can say is no. And, things have begun showing up in ways I hadn’t imagined. Men have been appearing where they hadn’t before; my relationship with my family has deepened in ways I couldn’t have expected, career opportunities are presenting themselves on an almost regular basis.

Best of all, I have become more accepting of the way things and people are – I don’t resist what I cannot control. I spend more time in the world instead of in my head. I feel more present and aware of what is developing around me and just generally appreciate the journey instead of focusing on controlling the outcome.

All of this – and it has only been four months!

– Anonymous


I had the honor of working with Noreen Sumpter during several of her workshops and they were all incredible experiences! She is a key figure in my growth and development as a young woman. I continue to be deeply grateful for the gift and blessing that she is as a coach and leader. She is someone who lives so that others may awaken to the people they truly are. She is a beacon of light in my life. I can confidently say that there are many, many, many people in this world who have also worked with Noreen and who feel the same way!

– Jacquelyn Ackeifi


Thank you for awakening my spirit with our call yesterday; I cannot sum into words what you did for me and getting me to start the journey to transforming!

– Marcus


Noreen does exactly what a coach should do – listen, support and encourage. I appreciate how flexible, realistic and down to earth she is, and I can tell that she has a real passion for her work. I experienced results much faster than I ever expected, and I have her to thank for that

– Robin G., New York

When I recently began Noreen’s Total Workshop, I was suffering from anxiety and was confused and had no idea what to do next and did not have any energy. I did not want to get up in the morning for the job I dislike. My husband passed away from cancer a year ago at 59. I had been worrying about finances and was having a hard time moving on and starting my life anew. I was married 24 years. I knew I was going to have to have some kind of major overhaul in order for my life to work. In Noreen’s workshop I got that I am NOT limited!! My anxiety disappeared and I am now feeling and experiencing joy and freedom at a level I had not even experienced prior to my husband’s passing. I am okay with not knowing what the future holds. I saw that I was labeling, objectifying, judging myself – all out of fear. I thought I was safer that way, when in reality I was in a sort of self destructive mode. I am now excited about my life, started working out again, have lots of energy and what seemed dauntingly difficult before now just occurs like “what there is to do” and I can have fun doing whatever it is! I also got I have been pushing aside my artistic side, which is a huge part of who I am!! I am also now open and ready to develop new friendships and rekindle older ones that I have been missing. The best part of what I got out of Noreen’s workshop is that I have been reintroduced to “me” and I love what I see and I am now thinking of starting a business doing something I am passionate about! I very highly recommend that anyone who is stuck, in any area of their life, take Noreen’s workshop!!!!

– Diane Guevara

Awesome at what Noreen does. Would recommend her to anyone.

– Homeboy Entertainment

Noreen understands human emotions and because she understands human emotions, is perfectly equipped as a Life Coach to modify human behavior. More precisely, Noreen is able to zero in on blockages and help an individual to modify their own behavior and achieve in a way that they previously were unable to attain!

– John Crane

Noreen is a great coach. She knows how to help you get at the core of the things that are holding you
back. I highly recommend her if you are looking to move past your fears and to start operating from a place of strength and confidence.

– Joanes Prosper

Noreen is quite self aware and possesses emotional intelligence.
She is skilled at focussibg on important details and nuanced with superb communication.
Noreen cares deeply about her clients, is
very creative as she herself remains an innovative learner of coaching.

Noreen displays a sincere interest in clients and a desire to help them by coaching as a two way exchange of energies and learnings.
She is humble open, nurturing and grateful to the world.
Noreen examines coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline.
She walks the talk and models a good life for her clients.

– Ken Sassano

Noreen is incredibly insightful, attentive and an amazing listener. I have sought her guidance on numerous occasions and she has always been on point. I would highly recommend giving her a call. I have also attended one of her seminars and it was amazing!

– Dorian Noonan

I have known Noreen personally for several years and have always admired her honest and natural skill in “reading” people and helping us get to the core of what is holding us back from living a more full life. For 2 years now she an I have met once a week for our own “mastermind” group where I get to share her positive energy and advice. The results have been stellar!!

– Robert Troch

I have been working with Noreen as my coach for several years now and she has helped me make great changes in my life. She helped me uncover my true potential in achieving both my personal and professional goals. She always supports me and keeps me focused on striving for and accomplishing me dreams. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants move away from their past and into their future.

– Alexis King

Noreen is one of the most understanding life coaches I’ve met. Energetically she is on level 10. Her sessions are honest infused with humor when necessary. She’s pretty funny. Noreen truly is a coach who “gets it”. She doesn’t talk the talk she walks it as well. In the short time of knowing her, Noreen has made such a positive impression upon me. Just recently I attended one of her class session and heard students who admitted they were resistant to the whole notion of life coaching but after sessions with Noreen their lives had changed. Noreen has a way of breaking through the guarded and making them feel comfortable. I am grateful to have met her. I truly value her presence in my life as a coach.

– Gia Vm

Do yourself a favor and call Noreen right now. She is quite simply amazing. Within 5 minutes of speaking with her, she knew me like a book, and within 10 minutes she had broken down my barriers. When I sat down with her about 6 months ago, I wasn’t happy. Today I am, and feel very empowered, thanks in no small part to knowing Noreen.

– Mike Hirsch

I met Noreen in a personal development course we were both taking. I was instantly attracted to her. I like that she’s a student and a teacher, she is always looking to improve herself which improves her ability to be there for others. I joined Noreen’s Calling in the One seminar the following year. Noreen has a way of being that makes it easy to open up and discuss any topic. The course was a wonderful experience. I’d take it again. When I had a relationship issue come up during the course, Noreen was there and her listening /coaching made a difference for me. Through the course, I made peace with the past. As in complete! As the course progressed, I started to see a theme – I wasn’t giving myself credit for all I’ve accomplished and all that I am. From the course, I gained a more accurate (and appreciative) picture of myself. What opened up was greater self respect and love for myself and others. Oh, and communication! I’ve seen how much can be created with effective communication in relationships – there’s nothing to avoid, it creates so much good. I highly recommend Noreen and anything she offers, especially CITO.

– Heather Raymond


My life has turned around since I began working with Noreen. I went from working a dead-end job that I hated to pursuing my lifelong passion and having surprising results that I thought would take many years to produce. I also cured a chronic health condition that was quite debilitating. Noreen is tough but fair, and she is energetic and passionate about coaching. One aspect I wasn’t aware of when we began working together was that the circumstances of my life are/were an exact reflection of what I felt/feel I deserve. Working on deserving and taking care of one key axis of life, self-love, has opened up so much in my daily life as well as made me more creative and resourceful in pursuing my goals. I also have so much more fun.

Relationships naturally have benefited too. It’s an all-around program.

– Maria King


I’ve spoken to Noreen on the phone and will follow up soon enough. She made me laugh and although we’ve never met I’m looking forward to meeting her. She listened to what I had to say and in 15 minutes, I was clear and focused on what to do for the week. I was able to continue to create goals and write down concise objectives. Noreen is direct and empathetic to the individual’s needs and that’s a plus for me. Even through a text message- (one cannot tell tone through a text per se)- she was able to send words of encouragement. I’m looking forward to the next step!

– C. A. Smith


I just finished a confidence workshop with Noreen Sumpter and it was amazing. She’s in NYC but I skyped in from Pennsylvania. I learned lot’s of cool things about myself, and learned to own my space, keep expanding and not apologize for what I want to do (these are all my own realizations from being in her workshop and in her space, she didn’t tell me to do any of these things.) It was really refreshing and empowering. Noreen also does other workshops like Calling in the One Unapologetically and Workshop Money.

– Méla Shea


Noreen is a great person, everytime I speak with her I have a better outlook on life. I never leave her without taking something great away!

– Giulia Foderaro


I met Noreen at a networking event and we just clicked. I really liked her energy and openness. The reason I am networking is to grow my green energy business and I seemed to have hit a wall, so I thought why not invest in a coach — someone who sees me from a different perspective — and see what happens?
We have had regular sessions over 6 months and I am definitely in a different place. Noreen asks probing questions which were uncomfortable at times, but which forced me to look at my perception of myself and see how I was interacting with people. We worked on it and Noreen gave me incredible support. I have been able to change my mindset and my business is on the upswing!

– Rory Hayden


My good friend has been a life coach before she was officially titled a “life coach”. I have known Noreen for 15 years and she was the realtor on my first real estate purchase. Noreen from day one looked at me as not as a client but a human being that needs the confidence to make his first purchase. She immediately identified that it was beyond a real estate purchase I needed to continue with this transaction. She focused on what I needed and not about a commission.

Noreen not knowing allowed my family to start the wealth building process. I currently own multiple buildings in the US and abroad and my kids have solid financial future.

I thank Noreen and to date continue to let anyone that ask me how I got started in real estate that this caring and loving English woman gave me the courage to reach my life goals.

Noreen my children, myself, and future generations thank you so much for all you have done for us.

– Shaun Lynda


I closed out the year 2016 attending “The Big Release” led by Noreen. 2017 has felt so lite!!! I have become strong in my life. The power to be Who I say I am!! Thank you Noreen for such special guidance!!

– DeAngelo Kearns 

Noreen is a beautiful individual. Our first initial consultation captivated me because she spoke to my soul. I was blown away by her intuition. She coached me in a season of my life that I needed her intense truth. I am so appreciative of her uprooting my habits to achieve the level of greatness that I already am. I reccommend Noreen Sumpter to everyone, because there is a glow throughout my being that Noreen made visible to my loved ones and even strangers. I look forward to continuing with her as my coach; especially being a coach in my near future. As she says “Live life on your terms”- start your work with Noreen. You are welcome lovely people!

– Bobby Ann 

The workshop provided me with a life where for the first time I took the risk and created the courage that I needed to move myself out of a job that I was no longer happy with. I took conscious actions and allowed myself to take a risk with out fear, doubt or that negative voice in my head try misguide me.

The workshop was conducted by Noreen Sumpter who is also my sister. I have never taken any courses with Noreen before. I called and paid for her time service and talent and I am happy that I did. I received the information and it spoke to me.

What I got out of the workshop is that I now have a business that I am working on, I have started to do repairs on my home that I have been procrastinating on for a very long time for no good reason.
I am dong gratitude and appreciating my life every day. I am no longer upset and worried about my life and relationships.

Today, not only do I have a sister; I have a Personal Life Coach and a partner that supports me to move forward in my life.

The Workshop Works.

– Sheila Johnson 

I just had an amazing Life Coaching Session with Noreen Sumpter and it was amazing!!!

I’ve had other sessions with other Life Coaches and none like this. Noreen really got me and didn’t let me off the hook on my character defects and what I call my racket. Noreen also drilled down on my strengths and how to apply what I haven’t been using.

It was amazing and I’ll be doing quarterly sessions with Noreen.
You have to give Noreen a try, you won’t regret it.

– Mark Bevilacque 

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This statement truly embodies the philosophy of Noreen’s coaching practice. I didn’t come to her with massive personal issues that I needed help in overcoming. I came to her because I had a stellar 2016 and I wanted to start my 2017 with the same positive momentum, to become more self-aware of the things I am already doing correctly, and to express more gratitude for what I already have. I wanted a plan to start creating and being more cognizant of my habits, which would in turn help me check in with myself and make sure that I continued to manage my quality of life by not getting too busy creating a living that I would put aside creating a life. A life where I am happy to be present and spending the most minimal amount of time going through the motions.

Noreen started off by sending me a questionnaire, which really set the stage for our customized discussion. She isn’t a boilerplate coach. When I sat down with her and we had our hour and a half conversation, she was completely focused on helping me accomplish my goals and did not deviate from what was important to me at any time. That hour was truly transformative and I can honestly say that I got up from my seat a more fulfilled person. It wasn’t because she gave me something I didn’t have, it was because she is incredibly skilled at helping people see what is already within them and creating healthy perspective shifts that help you see it for yourself. Specifically, Noreen helped me see that I CAN have it all if I am very conscious about budgeting my time while being more forgiving of myself if not everything on the “to-do” list gets checked off.

As a business owner (like most here), I feel like I’m always short on time, or behind, or can’t make it, or whatever other excuse because there’s a million things that need to be done yesterday. The session with Noreen helped me to take a step back and analyze things in a different way, allowing me start fostering a mentality to create more, and react less.

The main point I’d like to make is that you shouldn’t wait to “meet someone with a problem,” to think about a referral for Noreen. I consider myself one of the luckiest people around and I benefited tremendously from having a conversation with her about a personal perception challenge that I wanted to overcome so I could increase my quality of life. I suggest that if anybody has some burning desire for self-improvement in any aspect of their life whether it be work/life balance (like in my case), romantic, or just feeling like they’re stuck in a rut, I suggest setting up an initial “Hello” appointment an seeing for yourselves how she can help you or anyone you know.

– Pablo G. Velez 

If you are looking for someone to help you transform your life then look no further. Noreen is a seasoned Life Coach that provides top notch services. This was my first time working with a Life Coach and I was dubious and nervous about the process. After the free intro call I knew Noreen was for me; her high energy, professional demeanor, and passion for people put me at ease. Noreen’s Life Coaching sessions were not a disappointment- I was able to see transformation is several areas of my life within weeks. I personally thank Noreen for her work and I hope others will get to experience Noreen’s God given talent.

– Joy Williams 

Noreen and I started working together in December. I first did the 15-minute intro call, I then scheduled the get-acquainted-call and finally I signed up for The Workshop. Noreen is a wonderful and colorful human being, and I am grateful we got to work together. She enabled me to open up and become aware of who I am and what I want. My tread is lighter and I know what future I want to create for myself. I can honestly say that every minute spent with Noreen was worth my while.

– Anneke Geyzen 

Noreen is great at what she does. Most importantly, the key when working with her is to remember YOU must do the work. She is the catalysis for igniting the power you already have within. Her warm, and bubbly spirit makes it easy to realize we all can use a little help. If you are a skeptic like I was I recommend her free 15 minute call. The Workshop is eye opening as long as you are an open, and willing participant. If getting your priorities are in order, put Noreen on your “Things to Do” checklist. You won’t be disappointed!

– Duchess of BK (Brooklyn, NY)


I am an academically and professionally successful woman in her 40’s. But that’s where my life stopped before meeting Noreen. I felt stuck, confused and unsure of my actions. I knew where I wanted to go but was struggling to start the journey.
Noreen helped me to first find out what really ‘lit me up’ and then, gently and consistently – to let go of my old world, to stop striving after the wind and confront my fears.


Fear of failure, fear of being myself and fear of rejection has prevented me from really living life. My wants and desires to get married, drive a car and live in a house was a dream until Noreen used her toolbox of questions, techniques and experiences to guide me to find my own way to move forward to successfully zero in on what I wanted not just from my job, but from my life as a whole.


It was through working with you that I turned my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear!


After only 5 weeks I found myself in a “Winning Zone”. Five weeks after starting, I now have clear direction in my personal life; friends and colleagues are noticing changes in me. Personally, I’m much closer to reaching those goals; I am so much happier in myself, as a result men feel more comfortable to approach and converse with me. I’m taking the first part of my driving test this month and am confident that this goal will be achieved.


I have truly been blessed to work with Noreen as my life coach over the last 5 weeks. Working with Noreen is a truly liberating experience.

Colleen (London, United Kingdom)

I was in touch with Noreen because I felt stuck professionally. As a self-employed artist at the beginning of my career I was at a point where I needed a change and was ready to work for it, but felt lost not knowing how to begin. When I first spoke to Noreen I immediately liked her tone and voice, she was firm and had an accent that provided a soothing quality. After hearing her speak I decided that she would be a good fit and just what I needed.


I was in tears after my first session with Noreen. Change is not easy for me and realizing that I was on the brink of a life changing experience, I felt incredibly emotional in both positive and fear related ways. The results from our conversations were immediate. Noreen provided the opportunity for the conversations and guidance that I needed to keep myself motivated and productive.


Noreen turned out not only be a help professionally but a help in all aspects of my life. Through our conversations I truly began to understand how all the elements of my life were connected and were all deserving of exploration and thought. I was initially so focused on my career I overlooked other elements in my life that were potentially inhibiting my creativity and excitement for my art. I began to understand that my life was not nearly as segregated as I originally viewed it to be. I used to see my life in sections, my family, my work, my home and so on, but with Noreen I began to value the relevance of how intertwined these aspects actually were. My relationships can affect my work, my work can affect my mood and my mood can affect my friendships, etc… It was not just my career that needed attention; it was all aspects of my life. I’ve noticed that once I started to see and address my life as a whole, my entire life has improved.


I’ve started to achieve my goals. I had my first art show in New York City, I’ve signed with a gallery, I’ve learned how to deal with a problem roommate, I’ve been able to make many new connections and relationships with people who can help me and my career grow, and the list continues. With Noreen I am learning the value of my energy and time. Rather than over thinking and internalizing my thoughts or feelings, I have learned to take action and not hold things in. As a result, I am benefiting from my actions and feeling stronger as a person, knowing who I am and what I want. I now believe and know that I will achieve many goals if I continue to work towards them.


Communicating with Noreen has been a great experience. She has been a provider of enlightenment, encouragement and motivation. Noreen has helped better my life as a whole, both internally and externally. I feel incredibly fortunate to have her in my life.

Henderson NY

Hi Noreen,


This has been such a fantastic experience for me that it was hard to sum up in few words. Even my therapist has remarked about the change in my attitude and perspective. Anyway, here is what I’m going to post on SOTG. I had to cut it down a bit because I kept going on and on. And I know from a marketing perspective that people read very differently online, so I tried to keep it short and sweet.


In the three short months that I’ve been working with Noreen, I’ve been able to create opportunities for myself in a way I never thought possible. I have a level of gratitude in life that I never had before and am more focused than ever on what I want out of life.


What is so fantastic about Noreen are her insights and the way she delivers them. No matter how much you may think you already know, she manages to present a unique perspective. Her pearls of wisdom, personal anecdotes and insights have been invaluable to me. You know that she genuinely cares about you as a person and is fully invested in your wins. She works with you to set goals and be proactive about pursuing them, and she is there with you every step of the way.


I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to live their life fully. Take a look at her website: www.noreensumptercoach.com

-Shana, NJ

I have been speaking with Noreen for a little over 3 months, now. I called her because in the last 2 years I had gone thru having a baby, getting divorced, moving twice, having to leave my home due to the inability to get a job, finding myself in thousands of dollars in debt.


I moved back to my parent’s house, so I was lucky enough to find myself in a safe place. But a safe place with the emotional equivalent of Hurricane Katrina to sort thru. And I didn’t know where to start….or what to do….or even how to do it!!


I was attracted to Noreen after our first conversation. I found her over the internet. From a Google search, her site appeared and I just called, cold turkey. And I was really pleased and comforted by what I found.


First, she actually answered the phone. No voice mail. Second, she spoke with me for quite some time, right there, on the spot. Lastly, and most importantly, she provided me with references. Not testimonials read to me over the phone, but actual people. With each individual’s authorization, about five, I was given an email address and/or phone number, so I could actually hear from others what Noreen had helped them accomplish. This was huge to me. No one else had offered this. To me, it was a completely open and confident gesture. Just what I needed to feel like she could help me get my life back together.


Noreen is the most upbeat and positive person I have ever come across. No decision, no hurdle was undoable if you had the right attitude….that being that it is your personal responsibility to make the life you want.


With her strong but empathic style, with her pushing you to believe that you can do it, with her ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive, I have accomplished so much.


The things that at one time seemed impossible to tackle are resolving. I am resolving my debt, I finally have a decent relationship with my son’s father, I have a part time job and interviews coming up, I can go on and on……….
I am nowhere near thru yet. But I know Noreen has my back (whenever I need her) and with this I can create the life that I always wanted.

-Jennifer, Brooklyn

When I began coaching with Noreen, my web design business wasn’t providing enough money to sustain my life, I was receiving state benefits to make ends meet, and I was drowning in debt, with visits from bailiffs and red bills in the post. The problems occurred throughout my life, in my work, relationships, friendships and habits, and I was feeling as if my life was no longer in my control.


Since then my business has become fun again, I find that I can deal with clients in a more professional way, and yet retain a sense of control over what type of jobs I will do and how much I will charge for them. I have discovered the strength of mind in myself to make decisions based on what I genuinely want instead of making decisions based on fear, and this had an enormous effect on all aspects of my life.


18 months ago I was in a very dark place. I felt like my body was at war with myself, I felt thwarted in all my dreams and overwhelmed by debts and financial problems. My relationships and friendships felt confused and fearful, and I was living in a world that felt increasingly narrow and without a future. When I first spoke to Noreen about coaching I was initially very skeptical about it, feeling that nothing had the ability to deflect me from my downwards path. I described myself as a ‘lost cause’ to her, not wanting to impose a futile task on her, since I felt doomed to fail.


However, coaching surprised me with its refreshing and practical approach to problems, seeing them as challenges to be confronted. I began to get the realisation that there was nothing actually stopping me from succeeding other than myself, that if i was aware of self-sabotaging behaviour I was in a position to choose more useful behaviours, and that if I didn’t have the mental tools yet to deal with problems, I had the means to create those tools. It was a process that took one small achievable step after another, and built upon those steps. The process was slow and gradual, but just like walking up a mountain and suddenly noticing how high you’ve walked when you look down, I look back at that period of my life from a very different perspective.


Challenges and difficulties are one of life’s constants, but instead of feeling doomed, these days i find that each one is an opportunity to become stronger and to learn new skills, so I no longer shirk the task, but feel quite optimistic about the future whatever it might bring. Life feels exciting rather than limiting.


Noreen has shown extraordinary commitment to me when I felt like a liability, and has stuck by me when I have wavered in my more positive new direction, showing by her belief in me that I was worth saving. Rather than saving me, she reminded me that I have the power to save myself, and that is one of the most generous ways to help someone.


Noreen has no need to pretend, flatter or be falsely nice, and her honesty can sometimes be painfully blunt, but her thoughts are always well considered and straight to the point. She has taught me to think harder about the assumptions, compromises and excuses which can stand between the life you lead, and achieving the life you would like to live.

M Stuart, UK

I’ve come a long way. But I didn’t get here on my own…


Two years ago I was in the worst place I have ever been in my life. I was in a job that was totally unsuited for me. I was sending out resumes like a crazy freak, but getting no bites back. I was frustrated (understatement). Financially, I was unstable. I hadn’t had a vacation in three years. I hated my living conditions. My health was suffering – I had migraines and didn’t sleep well. I had no time to socialize with my friends. All of my relationships were stressed in one way or another. I had no interest in dating after my last relationship disaster. I wasn’t creative in any sense. I had so many unfinished projects that I never seemed to have the time or interest to complete. I was 40 years old and not having much fun. I was completely overwhelmed by the state in which I had let my life progress to. I wanted change – I wanted my life to be better – I just didn’t know where to start. I was stalled….with no gas to get going, and even if I had gas, no map to guide my direction. And, then in popped Noreen, like a gift into my life. I began to work with her on a trial basis.


I’ll admit, I was leery of this process at first – life coaching – I didn’t even know what it was. Could it really help me? Luckily I was open enough at the time to give it a shot. To this day, I still remember the first time I spoke with Noreen. She was so upbeat and positive – and I longed to sound like she did. She had an “anything is possible mentality”, and in that first conversation, I realized I wanted that same mentality for myself.


We began by focusing on my career. She instructed me to stop sending out resumes, stating that the perfect job was going to come to me. Stop sending out resumes…the job will come to me….was this woman serious? But, really, what did I have to lose? It wasn’t like I was getting any bites on my resumes anyway – not sending them out would actually be a weight lifted off my shoulders…one less thing I had to do. So, I stopped sending out resumes. Instead, we used that time to design – on paper – the perfect job for me. I put my trust in Noreen, the process, myself, and the universe to provide. To my surprise, within a couple months, the perfect job came my way. From that point forward, I became a true believer in this process and what it is capable of. And, I began to wonder what other changes I could make in my life.


Through my time working with Noreen, I have improved every single aspect of my life. I landed a wonderful job that I love (even today – two years later). I moved to another state – something I would have never done before working with Noreen. And, I love where I live; it feels like “home”. I have worked myself out of debt and am financially stable (even prosperous) now. I take vacations and I treat myself to things I want – because I can afford them and I deserve them. I have learned to receive from others – something I was never able to do before. My health is fabulous. I rarely ever get migraines anymore, I sleep like a normal human being, and I exercise regularly. I look and feel younger than when I started this whole process. All of the relationships in my life have improved. And, I have a wonderful man in my life now – who surprisingly was there all the time, I just hadn’t realized it. I am having fun and loving life.


Working with Noreen has not only changed my life, but it has also changed me. I stand up for myself now. I take risks. I am open to possibilities and opportunities. I have a new-found trust in the universe to provide. I am happy…yes, happy! I feel free and live in the present. I am positive. I believe in me. I now have that “anything is possible mentality” that I longed for the first day I spoke with Noreen. Today, when I look at myself, I see a healthy woman before me – one who is balanced in all aspects of her life. A strong woman who has tackled so many prior obstacles that sat before her. I see a woman who looks at life as an adventure now – looking forward to all the wonderful things she can create in her life.


But….I didn’t get here on my own. I had a fabulous life coach by my side for the entire wonderful journey. Noreen has taken on my life with me. She is invested. My wins are her wins. Her support and encouragement are immeasurable. (Sometimes she gets more excited about my wins than I do.) And, she is wise beyond her years. No matter what I bring before her, she always has the insight or tools for me to work through it. As I move forward in my life, I wouldn’t dream of moving forward without Noreen. I always say that I could be losing everything around me and I’d still somehow find a way to keep Noreen and my acupuncture. Both I find invaluable in my life. Thanks Noreen. I am eternally grateful that you have chosen to walk this life

L. King, MI

All my life I had been a shy person. Always in the background of things, and always avoiding things that involved talking to or meeting new people, even if that meant forfeiting a fun activity. At school I was bullied, and I had several bad experiences whilst I was there. This caused me to develop social anxiety and depression. I tried counseling and medication, but nothing ever seemed to work, and I decided to just try and go through life as best I could, but always going with the safe option and never really feeling able to enjoy it. Saying I had a half life is a bit dramatic, but I wasn’t living it to the full.


I was at a friends one day, and she told me about the life coach she had been seeing, and how helpful she was. She was really bubbly and friendly, and she made her feel good about things she had previously been having trouble with. She suggested I contact her and have a talk and see if I thought she could help me. Just to give an example of how shy and scared I was, it took me 20 minutes of staring at the number on my phone before I could work up the courage to press the call button. I’m glad I did though. Noreen was really friendly, and put me immediately at my ease. We talked about why I wanted to see her and arranged a meeting. I was still a little apprehensive at the meeting, however, but almost as soon as we started speaking she had me laughing, and in a few minutes I was completely comfortable.
Her methods may seem unorthodox, and some may find it difficult to get their heads around what she suggests, but I promise that if you go with an open mind, you will soon see the benefits of it.


She determines that there is nothing wrong with you. You do not need “help”. You just need to realize that everything you want in life, and everything you want to be, is already there, right in front of you. You just need to change your way of thinking. And it really does work! I had always had trouble meeting new people, and even with people I knew I sometimes struggled to have conversations with them. After a couple of sessions targeting this, I found that talking to people didn’t bother me so much. I even had a conversation with an old lady at a bus stop about the snow and what it was like in the old days. Before, I would never have done that. I found it easier to talk to friends and family, and many of them told me they had noticed how much I had changed. I found myself making small talk with waiters and supermarket staff, and I noticed that I started to walk around with my head held higher. It has been about 6 months now (it’s gone really quickly) and I have several new friends. I applied for a university course and got in, something that I previously didn’t think I could do. I also have a girlfriend now, which is my first real, long term relationship, and its going really well. And I am in the process of writing a novel, something I have wanted to do for some time, and have actually had some luck with finding potential publishers. Everything I have ever wanted to do or achieve is coming together in front of me.


Don’t get me wrong. Noreen doesn’t just wave a magic wand and make everything better. You have to do the work and make the effort. But with Noreen’s positivity and upbeat outlook, what would previously have been a daunting, near impossible task suddenly became not only possible, but actually quite simple. The way I looked at the world has been changed, and I now know that anything I want to do is possible if I choose to go and get it. I recommend her to anyone who is unsatisfied, or who is not living life to the full.


If anyone has any questions about her, feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them.

Aidan Mellerick


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