How I Work

I’m Noreen Sumpter, your Confidence and Self Esteem Coach/expert. I love my life. I love being happy and being of service. I was born and raised in Great Britain, and now live in Brooklyn, New York. I am a Certified Personal Life Coach through New York University. I am the producer and founder of the Live Life Your Way program (LLYW), which helps people develop confidence and self-esteem from the inside out by shifting their mindset. I am very energetic and I am committed to my career, life and community. I coach high achievers who have neglected their private lives.

I am great at what I do! My Expertise is fun and extremely energetic. I am a compassionate, no-nonsense expert. I won’t baby you. I will love you up when you winning. When you are not winning, I will you have to look at why. Yes, you will hear my voice in your head. I support you, celebrating you and helping you win and win big, in whatever shape that takes for you.

Through the LLYW program I work with you as a whole person. I work in the present–the NOW! I am not here to fix you, put you back together or tell you what to do. Rather, I help you unlock your inner knowledge, feel secure in your life and choices.

I support you to Live Life Your Way. If you are committed to designing your life and working with me, I will support you to have healthy relationships that are strong and comfortable. You will have more time. You will feel healthy. You will learn ways of being that will support you to live a life free of stress, in which you can be who you are, do what you desire, have what you desire understanding that nothing is wrong with you. The LLYW program helps you be confident so you can say what’s important to you and speak your truth without feeling of guilty.

With my work your friends, co-workers and family will notice a difference in you. Your energy will increase; things that seemed unattainable and difficult will become simple and easy. I do not have a magic wand; my methods may seem unorthodox to some. However, if you’re willing to be committed and put in the work, I will support you to get results.

I invite you to take action. I invite you to make a get-acquainted call; tell me about your struggles with your lack of personal confidence and self-esteem.

Call me now: 718 834 9450

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