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Live Life Your Way Program is designed with you in mind. You have the greatest power of all and you hold in you a vision of the life that you want to live. With Live Life Your Way program you are about to set upon a journey to change the energy that you have with yourself by choosing a program that will have you develop your Confidence and Self-esteem in all areas of your life.

Step 1 – Complimentary Hello Call

Purpose: On the call we will get to know each other and talk.

On the Call I will:

  • Discover if there is any synergy
  • I will ask you questions
  • Listen in 3 different ways to understand you
  • Listen for your agenda
  • Listen for your ability to transform your Mindset and Attitude to expand your Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Listen for your level for commitment to yourself
  • Listen for your strengths and potential blocks
  • See where you have skills and capabilities
  • Listen for habits, practices and patterns that support or need to be unlearned
  • Listen for your needs and how they are being met or not

15-20 minutes.  (No Charge). Schedule Your Call Today!

Hello Call (2)

Step 2 – Get Acquainted Call

Introduction to The Next Step of The Coaching Process

The Get Acquainted call gives you a taste of the kind of work that I do as a coach.  I am committed that you walk away with at least one action that you can start taking as soon as our session ends. I am committed that you leave satisfied with the process. I love to provide value in my call.

Your Get Acquainted Call Investment: ONLY $179.00

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.  -Mark Twain 

Let's Get Acquainted

Step 3 – Your Coaching Program

In the LLYW program, I coach you to create your game, your design and your life.  I help you see things you cannot see about yourself. (I’ll help you see your own eyeballs). Having me as your personal expert and using the LLYW program will give you the right tool to do the job. I am the expert who is committed to supporting you in designing your life your way and in living your life with confidence and self-esteem.

In the LLYW program you have all the talent and tools to develop the skills to Live Life Your Way.

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