Confidence Coach

I work with people to Build Confidence in areas of life that are important to them. 

  • You are highly intelligent and well put together, you’ve got it going on but you feel that you’re not going anywhere.  The only thing that’s changing is time and your age. (Yes, I went there) you have the trappings of a good life, but something’s missing?
  • Do you feel empty and confused and you don’t know why.
  • Do you come home from a successful day of work and you look in the mirror, see a beautiful woman who is not happy?
  • What do you want?
  • What is important to you.
  • What do you really care about?

FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing As Real

  • Afraid to take personal risks?
  • Afraid to put yourself out there to ask for what you want?
  • Your think your fears are real?

What I do as your coach?

  • Build your Inner Confidence.
  • Have you get a real authentic with yourself
  • Have you develop a strong sense of who you truly are,
  • Have you let go of your fears and gain courage
  • Have you take go after what you want.

While working with me you will begin to take deliberate steps to go after what you want, and out what is important to you.  You will remove the things that are in your way, you will begin to really take care of yourself and develop relationships with yourself and other that over time you will embrace your inner value and self-worth.  By developing a long lasting relationship where you put yourself first authentically.  You will be free to live life your way. Using the tools that will last a life time.

What others have gained coaching with me.

Noreen does exactly what a coach should do – listen, support and encourage.  I appreciate how flexible, realistic and down to earth she is, and I can tell that she has a real passion for her work.  I experienced results much faster than I ever expected, and I have her to thank for that. – Robin G., New York

I put my trust in Noreen, the process, myself, and the universe to provide. To my surprise, within a couple months, the perfect job came my way. From that point forward, I became a true believer in this process and what it is capable of. – Laurie K., Michigan

Who am I? Noreen Sumpter, Certified Confidence Coach, based in Brooklyn, New York. I work with women to help them build confidence in areas of their life that is most important to them.

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